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Monthly Archives: May 2011

my life as i live it . a daily dose

oh, daily dose, how i want to be sleeping right now! ;o) after two long days of roadtripping we. have. arrived. andsee it all! »

bon voyage! * 2011 roadtrip

when you read this, we’ll probably already have been driving for a couple hours {or 5!} and will have officiallysee it all! »


my life as i live it . a daily dose

we had a super hero in training at our house this week. he could not, for the life of him, figure out why launchingsee it all! »

modern child photography

wieber family * phoenix family photography *

where to begin with the wieber family? our story goes back a little farther than others. i had the privilege of workingsee it all! »

child portraiture

my life as i live it . a daily dose

i’m gonna be honest: i’m having a little writer’s block when i sit down to start these daily doses. isee it all! »

i *heart* instagram

instagram is the new black. really. please tell me you’ve all heard of instagram? if you haven’t, considersee it all! »

self portrait

my life as i live it . a daily dose

does it bother anyone else that i’m calling these friday posts ‘a daily dose’ when in reality, they&#see it all! »