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Monthly Archives: December 2011

daily dose * short and sweet

i’m going to make this short and sweet because if we’re all honest here, we’re all running around likesee it all! »

advent activities * ernie round 2

ernie has been keeping us SO busy that him plus regular Christmas craziness has become slightly out of control…letsee it all! »

motivate me monday * dance with me

dance with me, dance with me!   word. dancing is the bomb yo! hear a song today? dance to it. rock it like you ownsee it all! »

daily dose * random thoughts

i’m going to start this post off with a statement. this week was MUCH better than last week. and some randomsee it all! »

4 months!

i had a long post going {you know how wordy i can get!}, but i erased it all and decided to go the simple route. thesee it all! »

daily dose * what a week

i’m not gonna lie, last week was not the greatest of weeks. you know when you get into one of those moods wheresee it all! »

advent activities * ernie round 1

ernie has kept me us SUPER busy, and the boys are having LOTS fun! mamacita on the other hand is getting a run for hersee it all! »

daily dose * forgetful

you know you’re tired/it’s been a long week/it’s the holiday season when you suddenly realize it’see it all! »