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Monthly Archives: January 2012

daily dose * holla!

anyone else out there feeling like they don’t have enough hours in the day? holla back ya’ll! {take note : isee it all! »

daily dose * got my groove back

it’s a daily dose. can you believe it? truth is : it’s taken me, um let’s see, almost two full weekssee it all! »

motivate me monday * i have a dream

it’s true… …and so do you. we all do. the important thing is not to forget. not to forget what yoursee it all! »

turbojet * 5 years

as unbelieving as i was a couple days ago posting that sweet pea turned 5 months old, i’m even more astonished bysee it all! »

back again.

i’m back again. and it feels oh-so-very-good to sit down here and pound out the thoughts that have been stirringsee it all! »