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Monthly Archives: February 2012

project play * marble painting

before we kick off project play this week, i have to apologize for my vacant blog…we have been busy packing up oursee it all! »

sweet pea * 6 months

seriously?! already?! what the… where have a been the last SIX months??? wow! i have a sixth month old. and ansee it all! »

valentine’s day traditions

{*written yesterday. published today due to the ‘crashing wave’ effect you’ll read about below.*} it&#see it all! »

daily dose * this girl

who’s been sick all week and just can’t shake it? this girl. who’s been dressing her kids out of thesee it all! »

project play * yogurt painting

my blog started out as a product of my photography business {life as you live it} used simply to showcase my work as asee it all! »

daily dose * being brave & other things

no prelude planned for this week’s daily dose, so let’s roll! daily dose! *  *  *  *  * we kicked offsee it all! »