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Monthly Archives: March 2012

project play * crayon melting

new to project play? you can read how we got started here or just jump in! *  *  *  *  * i was *so* excited for thissee it all! »

we saw the Once-ler.

today, we saw the once-ler. i’m being serious. he left a sad, lonely trail for us to follow. stump after stump ofsee it all! »


i’ve been torn between making this a positive post and writing about how i really feel. in lou of going allsee it all! »

project play * spaghetti sensory bin

spaghetti in the sensory tub…oh so fun! first, i must share that i *love* the sensory tub. like really, really,see it all! »

daily dose * tap-tap-tap

*tap-tap-tap* is this thing on? hellooooooo? anyone home? hiya! i’ve written and re-written this blog 3 times nowsee it all! »

daily dose * dam

i woke up to the dead stare of the sentimental waters of the whirlpool this morning. the hard, cold stare piercing mesee it all! »

home is wherever i’m with you

i haven’t written much {at all} about our move. it’s not a big move. in fact it’s small-ish…in asee it all! »