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Monthly Archives: April 2012

daily dose * livin’ life

life is crazy. like, *hey guys, it’s me. life. did you know tomorrow it’s may? like, may 1st may. yeah, itsee it all! »

modern cloth diapering

i have a secret : we cloth diaper. yep, you heard me right. we. cloth. diaper. and the kicker? we LOVE it. now beforesee it all! »

friday flashback

the other day the boys were rifling through one of my books when a pile of old pictures fell out. sunshine lookedsee it all! »

project play * gak!

brace. your. selves. this project was AWE.SOME. SAUCY. NESS. awesomesaucyness. it’s the new cool. use it or losesee it all! »

daily dose * I.O.U.

soooo, i’ve been slackin’. i haven’t posted a true daily dose since i don’t know when. andsee it all! »

i should be sleeping.

true story. sleep has been elusive this week, a slippery seal of a thing blipping in and out of the waves withsee it all! »

insta*montha*grams {march}

i’m feeling blessed, so really quick before i spread the instagram love…did you all get a chance to checksee it all! »