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Monthly Archives: August 2012

angle & perspective baby {photog basics}

the other day i walked into the play room to find sweet pea *reading* her books {i die} i love kids books. i love kidssee it all! »

dirty. it’s how we roll.

it rained. rain + dirt = mud mud + kids = fun. pictures mucho better than words. my goal? memories. it’s all forsee it all! »

how i organize my digital files

i’ve wrapped up most of the projects i’ve been working on for other people and am finally getting around tosee it all! »

a flip*flop & betting my bottom dollar

for some reason when i’m feeling down, lonely, sad, under-the-weather {take your pick}, i feel like spewing mysee it all! »

a reminder

sometimes i need a reminder…  {via} even when it may not feel like it to me. it’s comforting to know thatsee it all! »

lifestyle photography

dear sweet pea,

dear sweet pea, as unbelievable as this sounds, happy 1st birthday! i swear you were just born, that i was just lettingsee it all! »

more cute montanans * montana photographer

taking a break from all the milestones we are stomping on this week  {1st day kinder + 1st day preschool + 8 yrsee it all! »

13 or 8 you choose

today’s lover and i’s anniversary! so happy, happy day lover! whether you’re counting total yearssee it all! »