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Monthly Archives: September 2012

the heart {motivate me monday}

i’m going to be listening to my heart more i’ve decided…it’s much more optimistic than the worldsee it all! »

us everyday {and something for you!}

don’t we live in an amazing period of time? i LOVE the digital era we’ve been blessed to live in! do yousee it all! »

a deep thought ration & sponsors

i’ve always been a deep thinker of sorts. i don’t mean deep thinking like solving world hunger {though thatsee it all! »

awkward stares

every-so-often, i intentionally take my camera somewhere that i normally don’t. ho-hum, normal errands we runsee it all! »

not cool

i was playing around with sunshine the other day in the play room and busting out my killer gymnastics moves for him. isee it all! »

a sleepover of epic proportion

while sifting through all the pictures i took from our summer in montana {yes. still sifting.}, i came across these fromsee it all! »

cooler weather…

oh cooler weather, how do i love thee? let me count the ways… 1 * you usher in family walks 2 * you sound thesee it all! »

pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread. need i say more? it’s like the love language of fall, am i right people? i’m convinced theresee it all! »