a deep thought ration & sponsors

i’ve always been a deep thinker of sorts. i don’t mean deep thinking like solving world hunger {though that would be nice} or figuring out the latest scientific algorithm. nope. i’m a deep thinker in the mulling, pondering sense. so-much-so, that i can drive myself crazy at times, working and re-working the same topic in my head {over and over and over} in an attempt to get as many vantage points of it as possible to ensure that it has been thought of in utmost fairness, from all angles and that everyone’s feelings and reactions have been taken into consideration {pause for epic run-on sentence effect}.

it can be something complex {like lately, kindergarten and our education system today vs. how it was when i grew up…and no, saying that doesn’t make me old} to something as simple as where we should go for lunch and what strategy would work the best to keep everyone happy {seriously, i can turn a simple go-to-lunch date into mission impossible}. it’s a gift…not.

lately, my deep thinking has kicked into overdrive, and now, i’m not only driving myself crazy, but lover as well. and *posting up* the other night {we each take an end of the couch after a long day with a beer and popcorn to catch up with each other}, lover determined he was going to have to ration my deep thoughts. yep. so apparently, i get 2 deep thoughts per week. yeaaaaaaah, we’ll see how that goes…

in other news, i’m excited to offer sponsor ads on my blog! if you have a shop or your own blog, sponsoring is a great way to promote it! there are a couple options that i won’t dig into now, but please click on the word SPONSOR at the top of the blog to get all the details or email me directly at : lifeasyouliveit@live.com

i love blogging, but it does take up quite a bit of time…this is just my little way of justifying the time i sink into it, and hopefully to introduce you to some awesome shops and blogs! it’s all about spreading the love!

and speaking of spreading the love…this girl. she’s all love!

and now, i’m heading out to get my deep thinking on :

  1. how to better impact people’s lives in a positive way, and
  2. how to not suck at home-makery things {ie. grocery shopping = fridge is bare, cooking = fridge is bare and receives blank stares, laundry = it’s STILL in the washer…i should go change that out…}


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Emily - I believe your mom mentioned to just last week about being an ‘over-thinker'(she, referring to me!). It is something I am working on as well! And an even more interesting thing…I, in a round-about-way, blogged about my tendency to over-think just today! Cheers to the over-thinker minds everywhere! love ya,

stacey - i love you too kathy! xo

Stacey - I agree with you on the whole kinder thing…what was wrong with it back in the day??…didn’t we turn out to be productive human beings?? I think so…but all this nonsense we are asked to teach a 5 year old (so developmentally inappropriate if you ask me…but who’s asking!) is so….so….what’s the word….LAME…I say LET THEM BE KIDS…LET THEM BE 5…but then that is just me and my little opinion.

Kathy - Oh darnit, I just realized that I have stuff in the washer too.

Deep thoughts are scary…you can get way too involved in them and forget the things that are important.

Life is always interesting when you are around! I love you!

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