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a sleepover of epic proportion

while sifting through all the pictures i took from our summer in montana {yes. still sifting.}, i came across these from our 1st annual epic sleepover. and by epic, i mean E.P.I.C. {extreme proportions of insane craziness. and i copyright that acronym, ha!} so epic in fact, that even though these images are 2 months old, they STILL deserve their own blog post. because epic is epic. and you don’t mess with that.

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what exactly IS an epic sleepover you might wonder… well! i’m glad you asked. an epic sleepover looks something like this :

  • 10+ kids {only 2 of which were girls, and all kids under the age of 8}
  • 3 {brave} mamas
  • a redneck water bed
  • oodles of waterbeads
  • a shaving cream war
  • pizza {of course}
  • the consumption of an entire box of otter pops
  • movies
  • and a storytime wind-down

all that? THAT turns a mundane, ho-hum sleepover into an epic one! 🙂

{over-kill on pictures. you’ve been warned.}

we had a lot of boys-will-be-boys moments…

for the record : a redneck water bed is 2 large plastic painting tarps duct taped together and filled with water, food coloring and water beads. it got holes in it almost instantly as the boys rip-roared across it. we tried taping them shut, but it was a losing battle. the holes ended up being kind of fun {from the boy’s perspective} because then they got wet as they ran across it, and eventually, they ripped huge holes and climbed inside…which as i type that, sounds extremely unsafe, but it was safe i assure you! i regret not getting pictures of them inside, but here’s what it looked like pre-huge holes!

the shaving cream was the favorite by far though. if you ever want to keep a large group of kids busy, buy a couple cans of shaving cream and spray it on anything and everything. we had it in on a couple tables, on the slide, on the redneck water bed and on themselves of course! this little guy got right into it 🙂

the shaving cream slide was a huge hit and looked super fun! i was ready to try it out myself…

clean up was a breeze. turn hose on. spray. done. and we lucked out, it rained that night, so the yard was clean in the morning!

{sweet pea literally ate like 3 pieces of pizza while watching the show…i think she decided she’s finally full. either that or she’s sad the show’s over}

i could be wrong, but i think they had fun…

the rest of the night went something like this : playplayplay*eat 3 popsicles*watch a little movie*playplayplayplay*eat 5 popsicles*playplay*movie*sneak one more popsicle*playplayplayplay…and then, the wind down, which was surprisingly smooth!

epic, yes? we’re already looking forward to next year’s shenanigans!…

…and now, you have an epic monday!


Loretta Dunning - Thanks for blogging this Stacey. Love to see all the kids having such a great time. You are all wonderful mothers – makes me smile.

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