angle & perspective baby {photog basics}

the other day i walked into the play room to find sweet pea *reading* her books {i die}

i love kids books. i love kids that read books. i love my kids. it was the perfect, little, everyday moment to capture. i ran quick to grab my camera. here’s the 1st image i snapped…

{please ignore the fact that our play room looks as though hurricane isaac just ripped through it. typical.}

whenever i’m trying to catch the kids in an ordinary, everyday task, i always take a quick *safe* picture. this was my *safe* picture. i don’t mean safe like non-risque, i mean safe like *quick-catch-the-moment-before-my-kid-moves-and-it’s-gone-forever* safe. i walk in the room; i take a picture from right where i’m standing. i’ve got my moment. not perfect, but i’ve got it. just in case.

show of hands, who’s guilty of taking pictures this way? always. {don’t be shy. we’re here to help, not judge :)}

whaaaaaaaat? you mean you’re not getting down and dirty to get that perfect shot? well come along with me my friends. with a quick angle and perspective shift, your pictures will go from that {above} to this :

magic. i know.

the best trick i know for photographing your little ones, for capturing their little innuendos so you’ll have them

change your angle. your perspective. get down on their level. literally. i am literally lying on the ground taking her picture to get these adorable images. a fresh perspective can do wonders.

{*mama, were you watching me the whole time?* you bet your cute bootie i was baby girl.}

there are a few things wrong with these images. the light was not perfect, her feet were cropped in some of the pictures where i would have loved to have them included, the play room was in a state of uber*disaster, but i still love them. perfect or not, it’s better to have captured imperfectly than not to have captured at all! a memory is a memory is a memory 🙂

happy shooting *

stacey - carrie * thanks so much! your comments are adored, as are you for being here! xo

Carrie - Cute photos! Thanks for the tips, they really do make a big difference. Your playroom is great, by the way! Looks like a fun little place to play!

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