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lover is my high school sweetheart, my best friend & ally in combat. he’s a sports nut, has a killer kermit the frog voice imitation, likes to eat cereal for dinner {bonus, since i suck at cooking}, wrestling with the boys and is already wrapped around sweet pea’s little finger {don’t tell him i told you that}. most importantly, lover loves me and believes in me like no other. see? best. friend.

turbo is 5 years old and has only one operating speed : *HIGH & FAST* thus the nickname turbojet. he’s busy, busy and does his very best to keep us on our toes! he could quite likely have a future career as a dare devil or stuntman or something fearless, and has an affinity for little legos, mint ice cream & messy art projects. turbojet has also made it his personal mission to say ‘hi’ to every single person we meet when we’re out and about. ‘mr. social’ is his alias.

always smiling, sunshine is 3 years old & has the biggest, bluest eyes you have ever seen. they. will. melt. you. he loves riding his scoota’ in the house, hot dogs, terrorizing turbojet and is crazy about his baby sister. his best friend, sidekick and go-to man is his sock monkey named bla-bla. future careers? major league pitcher or professional boxer {he practices daily on poor turbojet!} sunshine also has the most charming way of getting almost anything he wants.

the newest member of our family; sweet pea arrived a year ago blessing our family as our first baby girl. potentially the happiest baby on the planet {for reals}, sweet pea spends her days focusing on growth, afternoon siestas and enjoying daily entertainment from her crazy brothers whom she’s head over heels over. she’s the apple of all our eyes. the cream to our coffee. the love in our bug. our sweetest pea.

{images brilliantly captured by : erin kaye photography}