new look, new life

hiya friends! i’ve been dying to revamp the blog for awhile now, so i’m super pumped to tell you…it’s HERE! and while it’s not the full-on rebranding i dream of {one day, self, one day…be patient young one…} i’m happy to have a fresh new feel, a fresh new layout, and a fresh new lease on blog-life. if that’s such a thing anyway…the point is, i’m excited, and happy, like this girl…

i’m not entirely finished, so you’ll continue to see some changes in the upcoming weeks. i’ve got some fun projects up my sleeve if only i can scrounge up enough time to get to them! here’s a few things you can look forward to seeing in the future {i’m giving you this list, so you can hold me accountable! starting shooting me emails and Facebook posts if i don’t hold up my end of the bargain, ha!}

  • an update on homeschooling now that we’re half way through our first year
  • a revival of the littlest bookshelf {any one remember that?} because i’m still a children’s book-o-holic
  • a tour of our “school” room
  • and a few other more in depth projects i’ve got up my sleeve!

i’m super excited and want to thank you for hanging in there. i know this has been an inconsistent year of blogging, so for any of you that are still around to read my shenanigans….THANK YOU! from the deepest part of my heart, thank. you. serious face. for reals. you’re the bomb dot com, and i love each and everyone of you!

oh! and if you’re clicking through the new blog and see some typos or funny layouts or links not working, please {PLEASE} let me know! i did work on it at all hours of the night, so there is a high probability of mistakes in potentially large quantities. what can i say? i’m human 🙂

cheers friends *

Kathy - Love this! And you know I’m here if you need me! 😉

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