not quite 40

today, lover and i have been married for 9 years and together for 14.

it feels like a breath.

i love looking back now and seeing the way God was working. i was a junior in high school. i didn’t have a boyfriend {nor did i want one}; when a handsome senior football player invited me to the homecoming dance. as it turns out, i was his last resort.

so thankful God had it laid out that i was actually his first and only resort.

i wouldn’t want to navigate life with anyone else. he is a blessing beyond measure, and i am forever grateful for his undying love for me, his acceptance of my crazy ideas {random VW van purchase anyone?}, his support for who and what i am, and his incredible patience {remember : i stink at laundry and cooking and planning and organizing…but hey! i’m fun, baha}

{image credit: erin kaye photography}

it’s not quite the 40 i wrote about yesterday, but we’re getting there lover!

happy anniversary!

Stephanie - Happy anniversary late, Neener! I hope you both had an amazing day. Love you both!

Your Mama - Happy Anniversary you two! You are well on your way to 40 years and believe me when I say, it is just around the corner. I look at that beautiful wedding picture and that day seems just like yesterday. You two have a great day! I love you both!

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