yesterday was happy

yesterday was happy. it was the kind of day that made me feel whole again. after a week or so of feeling, meh. isee it all! »

ode to the weekend

prelude i realize it’s already tuesday, and i had this post ready to go for monday…but not quite. and thensee it all! »


*prelude * i wasn’t expecting such sweet, heartfelt comments on yesterday’s post, but instead, anticipatedsee it all! »

blog post. take 2.

blog post. take 2. let’s try this again. the first round i felt like i was having a pity party. and i feel like isee it all! »

get it gurl

just popping in real quick to say, HEY! s’up? and also to let you know that blurb {my print company of choice} issee it all! »

abstract random

i’ve been reading about personalities in the last few days. i find personalities and people’s quirkssee it all! »

the secret mission

back to school. here in AZ, school started 3 weeks ago, so it’s kind of bizarre to see all the back to schoolsee it all! »

ma *bebe*

sweet pea asked for a doll for her birthday. more specifically, a *bebe.* after much hunting around, and asking for helpsee it all! »