what real fall looks like

we’re back from montana, refreshed and ready for the craziness that comes with halloween and is quickly followedsee it all! »

out of neutral

i’ve come to notice that when i’m feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, or what have you. i tend to shift intosee it all! »

dear self

hey you. we need to have a talk, just me and you, head to head, eye to eye, heart to heart. you haven’t beensee it all! »

what did i do?

every once in awhile, i wonder what i used to do with my time, you know, when i was kidless. when my world was notsee it all! »

a season

did you know today is the first day of fall? i love the shifting of the seasons, though it’s much more subtle heresee it all! »



tonight, i feel defeated. i feel like throwing in the towel. from exhaustion, from trying to keep up, from projects leftsee it all! »

life gets messy & a giveaway

sometimes life gets messy. things don’t go as you expected. they can go from bad to worse. messy days can make yousee it all! »

a follower

we all want our kids to be leaders…am i right? the kid who stands up for him/herself. for what he/she believes insee it all! »