pumpkin bread

pumpkin bread.

need i say more? it’s like the love language of fall, am i right people? i’m convinced there’s not a soul in the world who doesn’t like a thick, warm slice of pumpkin bread to beckon in the beginning of fall {in the off chance, there is a soul reading this who might actually NOT like pumpkin bread. don’t burst my bubble. just don’t.}

now, we all know i’m not a good cook, nor do i do it often, nor do i like it…howevah, i DO make a mean loaf of pumpkin bread. it’s one of my few {very, very few} claims to fame in the kitchen. so do me a favor and humor a pathetic-most-of-the-time girl in the kitchen and bake this pumpkin bread. just try it. i dare you. i dare you not to love it. i TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU. yeah, you heard me. bring it.

you can download this fun recipe card {designed as a 4×6 ready for your recipe box!} by CLICKING HERE!

happy loafing!


Your Mama - I may have to make this before your snister gets here, as I understand she loves your pumpkin bread too! Thanks for the recipe and yeah, bring on “fall”.

Emily - you are too cute!! & you know I am gonna whip this right up!!! Thanks for sharing you amazing blogger you!

Love ya, E

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