road trip extravaganza . part 1

blogging has gotten away from me as usual, but this time i have a fabulous excuse…ROAD TRIP!! at our house, we relish summer.  when chad gets done with school, the relaxing begins & the travel bug usually bites us hard by the end of june.  this year we decided to pack up the car, load up the boys & take an ultra-long (super fun) road trip to visit college friends & soak up the beautiful u.s. en route to montana. it only felt right to share a few snippets of our adventures with you, so strap yourselves in for our road trip extravaganza . part 1 :

before leaving surprise, i made sure i purchased a remote for my camera….best-purchase-ever! seriously, so awesome! so of course, we put it to great use acting as the proto-type for the uber-tourists 🙂

and, in my opinion, you can’t go on a road trip without taking the prerequisite driving shots which, among others includes : self-portrait, self-portrait with handsome chauffeur, handsome chauffeur with equally handsome sleeping baby, and of course the ultimate handsome sleeping baby marathon…

we were first-timers in albuquerque & when we arrived were pleasantly surprised.  while expecting the desert climate that phoenix has to *offer* (sarcasm), it was mountainous, green & nicely temperatured (another way of saying perfect weather; something phoenix does not see in the hotter-than-hell months of summer…another fantastic reason for a summer escape!) and is it surprising that we saw a hot air balloon in the balloon capital of the world?

our fantastic hosts nate, alex & baby jackson gave us an albuquerque tour that included a ride up the world’s longest tram to the top of Sandia Peak for an excellent view of the city (*kudos & a shout out to nate for taking one for the team, embracing his fear of heights & riding the tram all the way to the top with us & all without loosing his cookies! you rock nate!)

*please note in the picture above, the crazy woman riding on THE TOP of the tram down the mountain*

i just had to add this next picture because while it is a great picture of nate, alex & jackson nothing is rocking harder in this picture than the ‘stash’ on this guy & i am lovin’ it! (check it, he’s even smiling for the camera!)

thank you nate, alex & little jackson for introducing us to albuquerque!

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