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see these two people?

these two people are special to me.

these two people are my parents.

these two people have been married for 40 years.


if this is what 40 years together with the same person looks like, well then, sign me up!

if you know them, you know they are joyful. they are joyful individually, but they are extremely joyful together. their entire session was spent giggling and laughing until tears welled up and poured out.

just like their love for one another, pouring out. for 40 years strong.

{that one’s my favorite}

i can’t even tell you how blessed i feel to have them not only as parent’s but also as a prime example of how marriage was designed to operate. in this day and age, the stellar examples are few and far between, and i feel blessed to have been shown {and continue to be shown!} throughout my life what love looks like in a successful, joy-filled marriage.

Lord? can i just tell you how thankful i am that 40 years ago you decided a shy wallflower and an outgoing athlete were the perfect match? SO thankful your plans are not our own!

happy anniversary mom and dad! i’m excited to see what God has in store for you two lovebirds in the years to come.

love you lots *

Your Mama - Aw Honey, I never should have opened this while at work, as it brought tears to my eyes! You have taken our life and made it absolutely beautiful with these wonderful pictures and the words you express, I feel them so deeply in my heart! Thank you Stacey for this wonderful gift! I love you!!

Kelly Collins - Stacey,

These photos are absolutely beautiful….one picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Your parents are such a wonderful couple and they have obviously raised a wonderful family!!! I love following your blog, since I have known you since you were a very little girl!! Kelly

Amy Winter - Oh my gosh, Stac, these are SO amazing and SO special for your mom and dad to have ūüôā

Patti - Awesome pictures. Congrats randie & sue! You guys rock…

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