lately, my mind has been running on overdrive. so many thoughts and ideas whizzing around that i just can’t keep up…and i want to work on them ALL! right. now. too bad that’s not possible. too bad everyday tasks muddle my ambition. hmmm.

i’ve felt like i’ve been living in my own little bubble of thoughts. thoughts that churn, surfacing briefly, only for another thought/idea to pop up immediately after. i’ve been lost in thought, day dreamy, a bit like sunshine here…playing with cars…but not…

i did sweet pea’s hair today, embracing my/her girlie-ness, for one of the few times in her life. it was adorable. and inspirational {who knew?} look at her little hair-do…

do you see what i see? i see a sprout of hair on little sweet pea’s head that will {with any luck} continue to grow and blossom into a full, thick, beautiful head of hair…kind of like all these idea swirling around in my head. they are sprouting. sprouting, readying themselves to grow into big, beautiful realities. that’s what i see here. it’s a stretch, i’m sure. but, i still see them. dreams sprouting.

i just hope i have the patience to watch them grow.

i know sweet pea sure doesn’t.


patti - I love the sprout & the bow!! It looks so cute,, and really thick in the back!! Hope your week goes will with all your thoughts, projects & kids. Enjoy, give hugs to everyone for me.

love you,

patti <3

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