when we live so far * an ode to postagram

it’s no secret we don’t live near our family. we live in hell arizona, and they live in the beautiful big sky state of montana {jokes, jokes. kinda. it really does get super hot up in here…ps : i heart montana…pps : i don’t heart arizona quite so much. maybe just with the little tip at the end of the heart. there. i said it.}

*getting to the point now*

technology is amazing nowadays! i cringe to think what it would have been like to live so far from the family we love even 20 years ago. 20 years ago, i wouldn’t have been able to email, skype, facetime. i wouldn’t have been able to blog our daily life so they could have a little window into our lives or connect via facebook. we would have been able to send letters and call. and that’s. it. and i’m going to let you in on a little secret : i am NOT a phone person. i never have been. even as a teenager, i was never one to hop on the phone and get all giggly and girly with my friends. i’m a visual person, i would rather meet you and talk to you in person. i need to see your facial expressions and your hand gestures and your posture, so much is missed when you’re not talking to a person face to face. i digress *shock*

FACT : technology is amazing.

FACT : though technology is amazing, i and the rest of the world can agree that getting mail in the mail {like, the REAL mail} is still and always will be flippin’ AWESOME. seriously, who doesn’t like to get mail? seriously. who?

and guess what? i found an app that combines the brilliancy of technology and the old-school awesomeness of snail-mail. it’s called : postagram. where instagram meets postagram and makes a postcard baby.

download the app. make an account. choose your instagram image. write your message. send your postcard. see?

{yes, i sent myself a postagram. strictly to see the quality, NOT to get *fun* mail *cough*}

{have you heard that quote before? i’m in love.}

you can pop out the image if you want to display it elsewhere.

and i was actually pretty impressed with the durability. it’s printed on thick, glossy paper. durable enough to withstand the USPS 🙂

{i did not get paid to review this product…i just really like how simple and easy it is to help us stay connected!}

an easy, simple way to send *fun* mail to the one’s you love 🙂

cheerio darling!


Michael - Hello,

thanks for the review =). I am going to try Postagram in few days. I just have one question. The black postagram with the photo came as it is? So everyone in the post office etc. can see the picture? Or it will come in the envelope and the photo is visible after opening the envelope? (so it is private)

Thank you very much and have a perfect day =),


stacey - thanks for finding & posting that! and most definitely, for reading! cheers!

bohemianblonde - found it-

Postagrams are 99 cents or 5 credits. International is 1.99 or 10 credits.

Sincerely Ink costs 1.99 or 10 credits. International costs 2.99 or 15 credits.

PopBooth is 1.99 or 10 credits. International is 2.99 or 15 credits

Dotti costs 4.99 or 25 credits. International is 5.99 or 30 credits.

bohemianblonde - how much does it cost? i didn’t see a price on the website?

Doc Pop - Hey, thanks for the excellent write up! We are always happy to see how people our products. Have you set up your unique URL yet? Mine is https://sincerely.com/doc. You can set up yours on the http://sincerely.com site. It makes trading Postagrams easy!

patti - Me too… Ilove mail too!! Especially your picture mail!!! Keep them coming!


Your Mama - Everything you said is soooo true! I love mail, but i especially love mail from my AZ family. It makes my heart warm to open up my mailbox and there you all are. So, keep ’em coming! I love you all.

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