a belated Easter and emmitt birthday post!

this is a belated Easter post for someone out there who has been hounding me for pictures {you know who you are!}

i know i have been posting a lot on my personal life lately, but they are my most-favoritest subject {yes, that’s a word!} but i promise for the up-coming posts i will break away and show you all the fun stuff i have been working on! for now enjoy these images of our Easter weekend and my baby boy’s 1st birthday! happy birthday Emmitt Howard!

my handsome boy…pre-cake!

break for a little Easter fun with Owen…

how sweet is this next image…owen and his bff!

i just have to post these next two to prove that i really do exist outside of the camera lense!

ready for the cake pics?  don’t hold your breath because there’s a lot of them!

all this for me?!

for anyone wanting to know, this is what too much cake looks like…

and finally, one of my new favorite images of Owen!

Grandma Jo - Stacey,, Thank you for sending these pictures. I feel like I have a new view of Emmitt as I have not seen so many good pictures of him ever, plus I was able to view them so easily—-and for not being a computer whizz that is important to me. Thank you thank you, every show is priceless. Love to all. Grandma Jo

Tricia - You are a wonderful Mother Stacey! My mom once told my brother to wait while she got the camera…. his head was stuck in the railing, it was a classic shot! These images are great – your boys are growing up so fast, and look like so much fun to be around. I love seeing your photos of them, and how happy they always are (except when Owen’s shorts are stuck to the wall!!).

Maurin - all I can say is FANTASTIC!!!!! At least you didnt give him a colosal cupcake with bright pink frosting on it like I did for Londyn… stained her skin for 3 days!!! lol!!

Mom - Stac, these are priceless. What a wonderful job. That is hilarious, the shorts stuck to the wall. Hugs and kisses for you all.

McCrakensx4 - Once again…the pics are awesome! I love the last one of Owen!! I wish I could edit!

stacey - that was a special for jill post! 😉 did you notice owen’s shorts stuck to the side of the house? he’s mad because he can’t get them down! and i’m such a wonderful mother that i took a picture before i helped him get them off the wall! 🙂 it was worth it though i think! the image says it all! can’t wait to see you guys in less than a week!

Jill Smith - Thank you thank you! I loved them all and am sad I missed it but am thankful you love to take pictures. I definitly need some copies of those and love love Owen grumpy pose! Can’t wait to hug those boys next week!

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