a new year’s wedding bash {montana wedding photographer}

earlier this summer i was honored to be chosen to photograph this couple’s wedding. let me rephrase that. i am ALWAYS honored. but this was a special sort of honor, a sort of stop me in my tracks ‘wow’ honor. erin is a fellow photographer (you may recognize from this post) and so to be chosen by ANOTHER photographer to photograph her wedding felt like an extra special gift; almost like a, ‘wow, i’ve made it’ moment.

erin & tom made my job a breeze. beautiful couple, beautiful venue, beautiful details. the only drawback for a southwest girl like me was the weather. it. was. cold. really cold. like below zero cold. but what troopers. we popped in and out of the woodlands like human yoyo’s to get all the images we wanted. champs, they were. champs.

so without further adieu, because erin you have been waiting so patiently, erin & tom wells wedding…

this very first image is probably one of my favorites from the whole day. i love the light, the buttery warmth, the expression on her face, her curls, the anticipation of the day…enough said.

the girls got their hair done at probably one of the COOLEST salon’s i have ever seen. capelli’s was so cool that it’s kind of hard to describe, so you’ll just have to trust me or head over to check it out yourself. regardless, the light & decor contributed to some gorgeous images…a fun bride & bridal party helped too…hula hooping anyone?

a few of my favorite details. i love the ring shot on the ‘clapper hands’…did i mention this wedding party rang in the new year? oh yes, they did. you can see that later in the post.

tom was such a handsome groom to compliment his beautiful bride. and i love their expressions in the middle picture before their first look.

i SO wish i could remember what was said to get this next series of images…but i LOVE.

i really, really love these next images of erin. the light was very low in the ceremony area. so if you’re a photog, you probably guessed it, i was shooting with a VERY high ISO, but i love the texture, depth, and moodiness it gave the images. a refreshing change. a beautiful bride.

the bridal party with their son patrick as the most handsome best man i’ve ever met.

another one of my favorites of the day.

and a few snaps to give you a teeny tiny glimpse of the fun that was had at the reception. happy new year!

tom & erin. thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you. i hope with all my heart that you love them!

stacey - thank you dear!

Melissa Mitchell - That black & white bride at the window is pretty amazing… Great work of art! Nice job… Well done.

erinkayephoto - TEARS Stace…. I have tears in my eyes. You not only captured our day to a T with beautiful images that we will be able to cherish the rest of our lives, you encourage me to become a better photographer, to see things a different way than I usually do. And to you I thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for these. More tears……..

Stephanie - Super gorgeous photos! This wedding looks amazing, and so do the newlyweds. ūüėČ Awesome!

Stacey - How fun! I love them all…and I love your new templates too! Great job once again. Looking at these amazing photos makes me sad that my own wedding photos from a long time ago are so very boring!! Love all of the little details you captured!! BEAUTIFUL!

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