blessed reality

it’s been weeks since i’ve posted.

months actually.

so much has happened. SO much has happened.

God has been fervently working in our lives replacing impatience in the unknown with blessed reality.

i have so much to say and not all the words to be able to say it…yet.

i’ve been praying about the post and/or posts that i will write. praying for the “perfect” words to tell our story, which is really God’s story. i want to make sure i glorify Him when the story is finally laid out, so i am waiting (as patiently as an impatient person can wait) until i have the words to fully explain the boundlessness of God’s love. the perfect plan He has for us if only we choose to step out, trust Him and say, “yes!” His plans are, after all, always much, much more wonderful than anything we could ever plan for ourselves. than anything we could ever imagine.

if you happen to follow me on instagram (@lifeasyouliveit), you’ve had little peeks into our story. blips of the bigger picture i’ll be painting in the very near future. the words have been brewing. sentences taking shape in my mind, whirling around, nearly ready to assemble into a whole.

but in the mean time, make yourself familiar with this beautiful face, be open to the plans God has for your own life, and always, always trust in Him.


IMG_5362 blog

i love you dear friends. if you are here still, reading this, i love you, but God loves you infinitely more.

xoxo *


Myrella - Blessings! What’s the story… God speaks to me and I would love to know how He is using you to inspire me today. I have a feeling you have a story I need to hear! Can’t wait!

Stacey - I cannot wait to meet this beauty & hear her wonderful story ????

Jane - love the way you tell His story for you!

Lisa Wagner - Love it! Xo

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