blessings of a sick week

i’m taking a breath. a sigh of relief. the week of sickness is closing. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. coughs and runny noses linger, reminding us of the tiring week behind us.

let me reiterate : behind us.


and this little guy got the short end of the stick. the REAL short end of the stick, maybe less than the end, more like the little nubbin’ left behind. to the tune of : pink eye in both eyes, strep and an ear infection…

and all this sickness enveloping our house got me thinking. got me feeling…blessed. yes, blessed of all things. because even though it was a miserable week with lots of coughing, and crying, and nose wiping, and medicating; my babies are healed. what a blessing modern medicine is. what a blessing that their sicknesses were cured with a few simple eye drops, some cough syrup and an antibiotic. and so i feel thankful for all of these things. thankful because i know that there are others out there (and maybe even some of you reading this blog) who have loved one’s who are not as easily “fixed” where a simple trip to the doc and a prescription will not cure the illness.

and so today, gratitude. LOTS of gratitude. the clouds in our gloomy sick-house are parting, and just in time for all our halloween shenanigans!

(*biggest apologies for the delay in sneek-peeks that i owe…you know who you are! they’ll make their appearance tomorrow, good health permitting!*)

patti - I was so sad too hear that sickness was all over at your house. But, am happy to hear about the good report . I can’t wait to hear all about your Halloween costumes and see our little guys dressed up and ready to go!! love you all <3

Your Mama - Oh yes, thank you God for getting our AZ family well. I can’t stand to see or hear about sick babies. Love you guys!

Jacqueline Perea - Glad to hear that the beebies are doing better! We’re waiting patiently don’t worry about us, just get those little men healthy and ready for Halloween! xoxo, Jackie

Stacey - So glad that Emmi is feeling better and the sickness has left the building. Hoping to see you at one of the last football games this year (there are 2 left and both are home!) Hugs to you all!

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