it’s a new slang word i may or may not have just made up (ok. i did make it up. you caught me.) but seriously. all the cool kids are using it #not

blogolution /verb/ – the evolution of a blog as it pertains to it’s writer


my blog here at life as you live it has been in a constant state of evolution. evolving…and evolving…and evolving (and i’ve typed that so many times now it’s looking weird. e-v-o-l-v-i-n-g. weird.) it began as a show case for my photography business, morphed into a blog about my circus and parenting, and then again into a blog more about homeschooling. blogs change. they evolve. much like people do i guess. since people ARE in fact the one’s writing said blogs.

i’ve let the blog sit over the past couple of months. partly because well, #life. and partly because words i needed to be able to form hadn’t taken shape yet. and partly because i could feel the blog beginning to evolve again, and a gap in time felt right for both it and for me.

so here i am. blogging. it feels good. i’ve missed it. and life as you live it is evolving once again. this time we’re taking a sharp turn at the corner of FAITH, putting the pedal to the metal and not looking back. sure there will still be posts about the circus, but primarily now, faith will prevail. i hope you’ll continue reading ((if you’re even out there still? it’s been so long since i’ve posted. i wouldn’t blame you if you’ve moved on.))

i’m not sure why i always feel the need to “announce” changes like this. i think mostly because it felt too weird to just jump back into posting after not posting for so long. at any rate, i hope and pray that you’re still here. that you’re reading this and silently fist-pumping that we get to be friends again via life as you live it. i’m so looking forward to encouraging each other in faith.


cheers friends. it’s so good to be back *

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