fingerprints on your heart *sort of…

i found these necklaces online, and i just REALLY had to share! they are designed by tina steinberg and are so inspiring and unique they could easily become a family heirloom. tina’s designs in her ‘love touch collection’ capture your little one’s fingerprint in a timeless/beautiful necklace (and she does this all online!) what an amazing way to hold on to their smallness for always.

just realizing how hokey and salesman-y that all sounded, but they really are awesome; and you can even get them with an inscription on the back. i’m eyeing these for myself with my babies fingerprints…hopefully, sometime before they are grown!














and because it’s not a true post without a true image here you go!

(*behind on my grateful project, but promise, cross my heart, there will be one tomorrow….thought it’s safe to say i’m grateful for the above image and all that it says…*)

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