grateful project : the little things * day 1

for those of you who haven’t checked your calendar yet today, let me be the first to tell you : it’s november. sorry to break it to you, but it’s true. november. already. like one month before the whirlwind of the holiday season scoops us up in it’s 100mph winds and whips us into gift buying, card writing, decorating, baking tornadoes of fury. oooooooh, that november.

since november brings with it the beautiful, and often overlooked, holiday of thanksgiving and i’m always looking for ways to be more grateful, this month i’m going to do a post-a-day (fingers crossed) on the little things in life that i am grateful for. in turn, i’m hoping for some intense reader interaction (that’s YOU *wink, wink*) sharing what YOU are extra thankful for this month. please, please feel free to comment, to look at your life from the perspective of gratitude, analyzing and sharing the little things that make life meaningful but don’t always get full credit at the end of the day.

grateful : day 1

today, i’m grateful for moments like these. when little emmi climbs up onto my lap just to sit. to snuggle. to love. because one day in the not-so-very-far future he may not want to sit on my lap just because. he may be too big or too cool or too busy. so today, i’m thankful for the little boy in my life who takes the time to climb up, get cozy and share these beautiful moments.


Stacey - Love the perspective of this picture and I know…I have been there and now I am there… where my lap is empty cuz I have 2 boys too big to fit…sigh…

stacey - and they are missing you as well auntie jilly!

Jill smith - I love the way my sweet little nephew turns and backs his little booty up to me so I can pick Him up and hold him on my lap as well!! Missing those boys of yours!!!

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