grateful project * the little things days 9 & 10

grateful : day 9

hmmmm….i’m not sure how to convey this one…i guess i’m going to call it something like this : i’m thankful for the art of ‘trying something new’ or ‘exploring’ or something like that! and because i’m not feeling ‘wordy’ tonight there are lots of images below showing you emmitt exploring the world of coloring for the first time. and he was TOTALLY in to it, like we spent 20 minutes of focused time today coloring. 20 minutes. that’s a long time for an 18 month old! it was fun to watch him figure out how to pull the caps on and off. to watch him try to color in the circles i drew. to see him analyze each marker with an unpracticed eye. exploring. learning. something new.

grateful : day 10

today, i’m grateful for bike rides with my babies. and who wouldn’t be with these two cuties trailing behind you? 🙂

patti - Ah…. I think you have another artist in the making!! Loved it!! Emmitt is looking so big, and grown up. Also, loved his Red Tennis shoes~~~~~ <3

Jill smith - I love emmitt attentiveness!! It’s so fun to see how different the boys personalities are! Icant wait to see them again soon and listen to emmitt talk!! So close yet so far!!!

Stacey - Those are great things to be thankful for…loving the one of Emmi’s reflection in the table!

Your Mama - Stac, you must have legs of steel biking those two boys around. My legs would be burning and I’d be panting just getting out of the garage and onto the street. And to think that you bike all the way to O’s school! I love love those pictures of Emmi figuring out the whole coloring thing. I’ll be sure to have supplies on hand for when you come up in December. Love you guys!

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