this is a REALLY long post on our halloween weekend, so i’m going to spare you a lot of verbage and substitute with lots of images instead (with minor narrating of course!)

owen was all about the pumpkins this year, so of course we had to have one of every size. this was the first year he’s been more involved in the whole holiday process and so he was the one who drew our pumpkin face for carving (he wanted a ‘mad’ pumpkin, and this is what he came up with!)…

and, as pretty much every family across america, we carved our pumpkins. owen started out super excited…

but in true owen fashion, could not control his gag reflex and this year i managed to catch it on camera! (and i’m the horrible mom who thinks it’s SUPER funny!!) the kid will play with mud and dirt and all sorts of yucky stuff, but pumpkin guts? not so much…

emmitt had a similar experience. chad’s letting him stick his hand inside in this next series and watch his face.

a) wow! i get to put MY hand in too? b) here i go! c) ewwww! daddy, why’d you do that to me? ūüôā

so emmitt spent the rest of the pumpkin carving playing with his bowl and his bla-bla…he loves that thing!

after the unpleasant gagging of the pumpkins, owen and i decided painting the remainder of our pumpkins would be our best bet…

presenting : thing 1 & thing 2…(sorry no pictures where they are both actually looking at me at the same time…i’m lucky i got these, as they were much too excited for pictures!)

we were so busy with halloween, i swear it lasted like 5 days! so here is just a smattering of things we did from : preschool parties, to halloween carnivals, to trunk-or-treating & trick-or-treating…some of my favs!

Your Mama - Oh my gosh, I can’t quit laughing at Owen and Emmitt’s reaction to the pumpkin guts. I have them up on my computer at work and everytime I think of their faces I giggle. Then I show people why I am laughing and they laugh too. I remember last year while we were in AZ carving pumpkins with you guys and Owen gagging then. I thought maybe he’d out grow that.

Stacey - I love love love all of those pictures…makes me feel as though I was right there with you! Great costumes all around and I think you are the greatest mom for capturing the gagging boy and then posting a picture of it on your blog…ingenius!! lol Love that you drew a chalk pumpkin on the wall as your background as well…you are always thinking of the little things!

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