love that lasts…

when i married my hubby, you might say i hit the ‘in-law jackpot’.  a girl couldn’t ask for more loving or supportive in-laws & this summer they celebrated 30 years of marriage. what an amazing feat in days racked with soaring divorce rates, they truly have a love that lasts; and what an example they have set for my hubby & i to base our marriage on.  david & patti congratulations on 30 years together, you rock & we love you! i hope you love the images (and david thanks for being a good sport!) 🙂

loving this perspective…

michele - You are doing a great job on your photos! Love Patti and David’s anniversary photos…Next time we are together, I will have you do Larry and Me. It might be hard to make us look as good as Patti and David, but we will need something, as we will be nearing our 40th soon!

Arlene - Love the pictures & the subjects, too!
Happy Anniversary David & Patti!
We both have big milestones this year- their’s with 30 & our’s with 25!!

Sue - Great pictures of a great couple.

Jill Smith - Love it stac!! Nice job once again!!! Congrats Mom and Dad on 30 years and still lookin good!!!!

Stacey - How awesome! Happy 30th to the beautiful couple! My parents will celebrate 41 yrs this sept. Love the shots you captured…especially the last one! Great job!

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