anniversary surprise! {phoenix portrait photographer}

remember the super-awesome dad who surprised his wife with a photo session for their kids AND an anniversary session for him & his wife? i am so happy to share with you just a few of their beautiful images!  this session was extra special for me because it hit on a topic that i’m passionate about….documenting our lives through photography.  it’s sad to me that for the majority of people out their our lives are documented up until a certain point: each year school pictures are taken, senior pictures, wedding pictures and then…nothing.  sure we continue on then documenting our children’s lives, but what about your relationship with your husband/wife? why are more people not like lisa & chris continuing to document their love for one another through awesome images…i guess my point is, you are never to old for great pictures people!!! and what a fabulous way to look back and remember your lives together, so grab your significant other and continue making memories through photography!  enjoy the images all and have a fabulous wednesday!

i L-O-V-E, love this image of lisa…don’t her eyes look amazing??

for anyone who knows lisa & chris, this is quite a common sight….giggling + starbucks = bliss : )

stacey - thank you all for your sweet comments about the pictures! it is easy to capture such great images when i have two people who are still so obviously in love with one another! happy anniversary you guys! so happy i could be a part of it!

stacey - jenna! is it ok to contact you at the email address you submitted? if so, i’ll shoot you some more info via email! thank you for your kind words!

stacey - of course patti! without question!!! we will force david home for the hour we need to get some great pics! 😉

Sara - Love the black and white where Chris is kissing your hear!

Tamra - You guys do not look like you have even aged! Is it the coffee ??? Great pics and what a great way to celebrate 16 years, CONGRATS!!!!

Jenna - I love the pics…. Send me more info

Jenna - I really like these!!! And the ones of the kids…. Good stuff!

kenny littlefield - Love the photo with coffee. Chris and Lisa in their natural environment.

Michelle - I LOVE the last picture of the both of you! (also love the coffee picture!! of course!!!)

Paula - Great pictures! Heartwarming and sweet mixed with fun and playful. Beautiful!

patti - Great Pictures Stac!! I guess david and I should do it for our 30th anniversary!! I would say that is a mile stone~~ how about you. Hopefully, he is around when you guys are here in June. We will try and get in on your calendar!! 🙂

Beth - These are beautiful too!

Suzanne - Beautiful photos!!

Michelle - These are beautiful! You truly captured Lisa and Chris – and their love!

Sherri - Wow Stacy! I’m completely in awe of your beautiful work. They are all so beautiful, but I must say, I think the one with the Starbuck’s is my favorite! I think it captures perfectly the Chris and Lisa we have come to know and love. Love, love, love your work.

chad - Congrats chris and lisa on 16 years of marriage! Thank you for letting my wife capture you two fun loving coffee addicts. I am glad you love them. Stacey loved shooting you guys.

Greg - Nice job!

Kent Walkemeyer - Great pictures of a great couple!

Stacey - Lov’em!! As I stated in another comment on another post.. I really really need to book with you…a session of just me…one of the fam and then just of me and mac! I can’t wait to see the Anderson’s at the stadium!

Chris Wagner - WOW Stac! Beautiful. Cant wait to see the rest.

Cassandra Fann - Cute! 😀 These turned out really great! I agree, the coffee picture is really cool!

Mary Littlefield - The coffee shot says it all. Wonderful job at capturing two very special people!

Danielle - These are so sweet!!!

Tamara - These pictures are absolutley amazing… Thier love is so evident!!!!! They are soooo sweet… I love them all!

Fred Hanover - Two very beautiful people. Thank you Stacey for capturing that beauty

David - Way too much kissing… How much extra did Chris have to pay for those shots?

Jeffrey Webster - You guys look awsome!

Allison Webster - I love the pics!…you two look like a couple of newlyweds 🙂

Stephanie - The Starbuck’s photo is priceless. It definitely captures Lisa’s love affair with her coffee.

Rachel - Great Pictures and what a great surprise!

Alicia - These are gorgeous!!

Stacey Ettinger - Chris…Lisa…

LOVE all the photos! I totally agree we always need to keep taking photos to capture all the wonderful memories we make!!
These are so great!!
Happy Anniversary! Jeff and I celebrate 13 years on Monday!

amy nichole :p - these are amazing pictures !! there sooo cute 😀

Ashley - the one with the starbucks is my favorite it totally says
mom+dad= awesome love 8D i don’t usually like to see my parents smooching but you have captured some awesome pictures 8D

Tyler - good job guys 🙂

lisa - Stac- you are the most awesomest photo taker ever!!! Love these! BTW did you catch the total look of LOVE on my face when Chris is holding the STARBUCKS cup! Coincidence?!!! ;)Luv the one where we are under the tree…it perfectly frames us! Thanks for capturing this time in our lives when we are celebrating 16 wonderful years of marriage!:)

Tricia P. - As always Stacey, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Photos. I love the last image, I think of it as a perfect image for their kids to have…. many children don’t have great photos of their parents like this!

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