new template launch & a giveaway!

this template has been brewing for quite some time now. two years it’s been steeping. two. years.

as i get older or as i become a more mature Christian {or both}, i’ve come to realize something as a mother. nothing in this life matters if i don’t encourage my children towards Jesus.


not how cool they are, or how smart, or how popular, or how successful or even how healthy they are. none of that matters in the end. what matters is if they have hearts for Jesus.

period. the end.

ultimately, i realize it’s up to God if they are going to be saved, but i also realize it’s up to me as their mother to gently encourage them towards Him in whatever way i can.

thus, this book.

my newest template. it’s sat on my heart for two years too long, but in that time span, i had to stretch and grow and work towards being more courageous, more brave with my faith. because the truth is, i was scared. scared to release it and lose friends that are non-believers, that might not agree with my words {God’s words} and just decide i’m not worth it. but the new truth is, i’m over that. i’ve climbed that mountain, i’m strong in my faith, and now? now, i’m ready to rock and roll!

i’m SO excited to finally release it, and i pray with all my heart that it will touch the lives of children across the globe, showing them how special they are, how unique, and just how much Jesus really does love them.

and now, without further adieu, i’m thrilled to show you:

what did you think? i hope you loved it. i hope you got the urge to share it with your friends. who in turn will share it with their friends, and gradually, little lives will be touched one by one by one. if you or someone you know would be interested, you can purchase the template by clicking here¬†ūüôā

*  *  *  *  *

i’m equally excited to be partnering with some amazing and generous ladies to host this launch giveaway! six lucky readers will win one of the following items {does that make sense? six winners, one for each item!} and all six winners will win the new “Yes! Jesus loves me! book template, woot!

please give a HUGE round of applause to the shops above for donating an item from their store for the giveaway! *clapclapclapclapclap*

  1. personalized wooden address stamp, blossom and vine
  2. $15 store credit, salvage 517
  3. mini mama clutch, maranda lee
  4. teal blue lever back earrings, wifey singer
  5. white wood fence post Christmas trees, the inspired window
  6. merry & bright print, fancy that design house.
  7. yes! Jesus loves me! book template, life as you live it

there are multiple ways to enter, but you really, REALLY want to make sure you pin the video from above. because pinning that video gives you FOUR entries in one shot!! did you catch that? 4!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

thank you friends for helping spread the word about this template. you are a blessing in and of yourselves!

xoxo & cheers *

Sarah Hull - Wow! I love the book you created! It is so special and meaningful. I don’t think I could read through it with a dry eye! I’m super emotional when I read books about love (whether its a parents love or Gods love) to my boys. Great job!

Alyssa - Awesome Stacey! This is great and what a way to live God’s plan out through the life that you lead and the passion you have for photos!

Staci - It is so encouraging to see a mom who is pointing her kids to Christ and teaching them who they are. Thanks Stac!

Sage - Love this Stacey! Way to be bold!!! So proud of you!:)

Renee WNders - Love it!

Vanessa - I love this!! It would make a great baby shower gift!!

valerie - thx for this awesome giveaway!

Erin Wells - LOVE!

Amy Winter - Just beautiful!!

Stacey - Oh my cuteness…I am loving this! It is so amazing…great job my friend!

Lanae Brown - Oh my goodness, what a an awesome book! I’m already thinking I need to return some of the meaningless toys I bought for nieces and a nephew and give them these books for Christmas! I love it so much! You are awesome!

Amy Christman - This is amazing Stacey, just beautiful! I am excited to share this with my family & friends!

Meredith - Thanks for the chance to win!

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