not pinterest worthy

i’ve learned something in all my years of parenting.

a nugget you may have heard before, but may or may not have not fully embraced.

but i hope you will.

it’s a sanity saver. a stress reliever. ((that is, unless you’re the kind of person who likes to throw parties…in which case, carry on. and ignore this entire post. excepting cute pictures. of course.))

my nugget of wisdom?

babies DON’T KNOW they’re turning one! **shock**

they just don’t.

and yet, we go out of our minds crazy to throw them the biggest, best party we know how. pinterest worthy. and they have. no. clue. what in the hee-haw is going on.

this was the year i finally learned my lesson, and little punkin had the best, most stress-free birthday ever.

so in this house, when you’re the littlest member of the circus, you get one present. and it’s a book. because if any more toys enter the house your mama may very well lose her mind. and yet, you’re pretty darn excited about it.

your family builds you a human tower ((cir-cus to the max)). and it’s a sign of true love, i’m pretty sure. because seriously, who does that? ((hashtag : we do))

they take you to their your favorite restaurant, and wear “party hats,” and jam a *1* candle in the top of your cheeseburger, and sing at the top of their lungs in the restaurant. and they have fun. and so do you.

((can someone say, cuteness?))

afterwards, you hit up a park with ice cream and play until bedtime.

and wa-la! awesome first birthday.

pintrest worthy? nope.

stress free? yep.

loved by all? you betcha.

happy birthday sweet girl. we love you to heaven and back.

xoxo *

Lisa Wagner - Perfect!!! Happy Birthday punkin! Xo

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