I am in love with telling stories with my camera.  But then again…who isn’t? Like most of the world, I’m infatuated with images that document life, that tell stories, that burn our memories into our brains in order that they may last a lifetime. And speaking as the true visual person that I am, is there a stronger way to document your life, your family, your love than through photographs?

No, no there is not.

If you’re interested in letting me tell your story (which I would absolutely love), please email me at:

lifeasyouliveit @ live . com

I’m currently booking sessions in Arizona from August-May and sessions in Montana from June-July.  And I am always, ALWAYS available for travel.

Session fees begin at $150.  

Weddings at $1500.

Each include the printing rights to all your pictures because I believe everyone deserves a way to document their lives, and I’m here to help.


Melinda Robbins - Hi there!

I used your services back in Nov 2018 for company photos for my pet sitting and dog walking company, Desert Dogs Pet Services. I would love to use your services again to get updated professional photos taken for our website. Please let me know an estimate on cost for a session. I would also be interested in finding out how much it would cost to do multiple locations.

Thank you!
Melinda Robbins

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