strrrrrretch those creative muscles

i used to love sketching {wait. i still love it…}. love, love, love it. i was the girl that packed around a sketch book and a smattering of pencils, pens and sharpies. i would sketch when i was waiting for an appointment, at a restaurant, on a walk, or just because. as each of my children entered the world, my sketching time decreased until it was a little pinhole of light seeping into my life and then one day snuffed out and gone completely.

i was cleaning off/out my desk the other day {the never-ending-never-clean-desk-of-endless-crap desk} and found my old sketch books. of course i couldn’t resist flipping through them, reminiscing about this sketch and that and where i was and what i was feeling. that’s the wonderful thing about a sketch book; it’s like a photograph. your sketches document you and your surroundings at a particular time in your life. it’s magical really. flipping through them, the feelings came back. my surroundings came back. details of the day. it was a trip, in an almost literal sense.

i’d been having urges, cravings you might say {a new fangled kind of pregnancy craving perhaps?} for sketching prior to flipping through my old drawings, but this put my over the edge. i was ready. i am ready. to incorporate drawing back into my life. my very busy, very crazy life must, MUST have room somewhere in it for sketching, right? {please say yes…}

i’ve started brainstorming. i can sketch while the kids do their own art, during breakfast, nap and rest time, during bath time, after every one has gone to sleep. i’m beginning to like the sound of this. my creative mind is already laughing giddily at the thought of letting loose on some blank paper. {muahahahahaha! teeheehee! bahaha! hahaHA!}

on top of all this, while scrolling my instagram feed the other night. i stumbled across a gal {the very talented lesley of recipe for crazy} who’s decided to learn how to hand letter {her words not mine. if you look at her first sketches, she already looks like a pro to me…} i’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to learn how to hand letter. this was it. this was my time. to stretch, to sketch, AND to try something new. win. win. BIG win.

so i’m in, signed up on skillshare for a hand lettering class. it’s my first one ever, and i’m super pumped! oh, and it’s self paced, which might be just what i need to get back into my creative groove. {if you’re interested in joining me, let me know and i can send you an email for $10 off…which brings the class total to a whopping $10…wowza! what sketching junkie can pass that up?!}

oh sketch book, i’ve missed you.

cheers *