teaching gratitude & turkeys {diy}

happy-almost thanksgiving to you! do you have your house decorated, groceries shopped, and tv’s cued for every football game on the planet? 🙂 or in my case, the macy’s day parade…i’m trying to think up a new tradition to go along with my love of the macy’s day parade (*side note : i usually get made fun of for watching the parade…please tell me there’s someone else out there in the world that watches, and enjoys, and wishes you could be RIGHT THERE as much as i do!) any-who, a tradition so that my boys will love it right along with me…like maybe, we wake up, snuggle up on the couch and eat pumpkin ice cream for breakfast with warm coffee and apple cider…so far, that’s the winner. but i AM looking for other suggestions for new traditions, so if you have any thoughts, please share! (*wow! was NOT intending to post on that, so you’ve definitley received your dosage of random thoughts for the day!)

what i was REALLY going to post about was more gratitude, but this time using the holiday season to encourage the attitude of gratitude in our little offspringlets (trying out some new words today. it’s fun. you should try it). this november, owen is finally old enough to start understanding and grasping the concept of being grateful, seeing the cup half full, counting our blessings, etc. i wanted to do a project similar to my ‘grateful’ one, but more on a 3-year-old level. to encourage and develop a thankful attitude in someone so small, i came up with the ‘thank you project.’ each day, we sit down together, trace his little hand, and he thinks up something he’s thankful for. and then he decorates it. gratitude + art project all mashed into one = one happy (and grateful) little camper! i also figured i needed a creative way to display his thank you project so that he felt like it was special…(*warning : really horrible attempt at a diy project coming your way…really. bad.)

owen’s thank you project…for a similar project, what you need :

  • yucky old cork board
  • can of white paint
  • tape
  • border stencil (ours was constructed from a cereal box)
  • accent color paint

paint your corkboard white (may take a number of coats since the cork is porous). tape off border if necessary. paint border using stencil. remove tape and WA-LA! your very own thank you project!

for the sign above, i just used a frame i found around the house, designed a little logo in photoshop, printed and hung…pretty simple, but VERY awesome if you’re 3 and suddenly YOUR thank you project is a focal point in the house.

it’s so cute, he is super into his friends right now, so currently, they are leading the pack…along with emmi of course! we’ve added more since these pictures were taken, and if  i remember, i’ll post for you a final thank you project image at the end of the month!

owen and i also made turkeys the other day in prep for our thanksgiving feast, but i won’t torture you with step-by-step instructions for this one…it’s pretty self-explanatory 🙂

what you need :

  • pine cone
  • feathers
  • little pompom
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • and…

  • one budding artist

and go!

and there you have it : elmo’s on the left and cocky-locky is on the right…happy pre-turkey day all!

Your Mama - Will you guys make me a turkey? Please.

Lindsey - that’s it! I’m packing myself in a box and shipping myself to you guys! Pumpkin ice cream for breakfast – sign me up! and those turkeys are so freaking adorable!! miss you so much!

patti - Loved the turkeys!! oh one more tradition you can do on Thanksgiving morning~~~ The dog show!!! I love it, but it seems, i rarely get to see it,, because somehow the football games get priority~~ but this year, I might get it in, not sure that any else will be home ~~ except of course the dogs, kitty, and I. We vote to watch the dog show, before football!!! 🙂

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