THE mac family

what to say about the mac family? if i had to use one word to describe this family it would be : football…plain and simple. these people live, eat, breathe, and re-breathe this sport. with daddy mac coaching, the little mac’s playin’, and mama mac as uber-fan nothing fits this family better than busting out some pads for a good old-fashioned pigskin photo-op!…check it…

if you could define football visually, i think it would look something like this :

not the picture mama mac dreamed of enlarging for her wall i’m sure, but words cannot express how much i love this. HA.

or how i love the feeling of this…

one word : ah-mazing.

thank you beautiful mac family for putting up with my antics to get these awesome images!

Karen Massey - Stacy — you did a fantastic job on the McCartney pictures. I may be biased because I’m Stacey’s Mom. I thought the way you did the brightness of the colors was beautiful, and I thought Stacey never looked more beautiful.

Crystal - You guys look so great:) Love all the pictures, just so hard to choose!

Marieka - These pictures are so fabulous! I really loved seeing the boys outside of the school setting all decked out in their football gear. Again, Love these!

Lisa Pacholsku - Beautiful family you have. Being a mom to athletes can be exhausting, but priceless! I wouldn’t have it any other way either.

Lisa - I love these pics!

Jennifer - These are fun and gorgeous photographs!

Jennifer - What beautiful moments captured in beautiful pictures.

kim peel - beautiful pics some really cool and unique shots

Marianne - Wonderful family pictures! They capture football and family beautifully! 🙂

Heather - These are amazing. Really captured your family beautifully!

Deborah - I live in awe of your talent! You guys look AMAZING!

Cris - i love the shot of them laughing. such a cool looking candid shot

Dawn - Love the pictures. Great job Staceys!!

Liz Hickson - love the pics – so beautiful!

Jen - These are great pictures of the fam. I am a little biased since they are my family but oh well. The photography is fantastic. I love them all.

Chris - Great pics!!!

stacycotheranphotography - These are great pics!!!

Stephanie - Love Love Love Stacey and these pictures rock and totally tell what they love! Great capture!

Maxine - Those are great pic I love them all!

Michelle Horn - Great photos!

Christie - They are so beautiful. I LOVE the family picture!

Crissy Polgar - Your family looks wonderful, healthy and happy. Great images! It’s making me itch to go out and take some too – maybe you could give some pointers to us amateurs!

Kristy McCartney - WOW…these are beautiful photos!!! I love them 🙂

Jill - love these!

Amy - Awesome pics! Miss you guys!!

Darcie - You said it…football and the Mac Family go together, like peaches and cream. They are the sweetest family and I LOVE these pictures. They are amazing…the pictures and this family!

Leigh - Awesome photos! Awesome people.

Michelle - As she would say “AH-MAZING”! You guys are an adorable family! (:

patti - Oh, I love football, and the Mac Family!! Can’t wait till your boys are in football gear!!!. Great pictures Stac~~once again you captured them in there element!!! Congrats!!

Stacey - Those are amazing…thank you so much for your fantastic eye in finding the unfindable. the one of the boys where C is making that face made me LOL! And LOVE the one of me & hubby…priceless….cannot wait to see the rest of them. YOu captured us to a t…thanks so much ?

Maurin - Love love love the pics! That is one good lookin family! Stac you are truly a beautiful talent!

Foursons - I love them all! And yes, the sunflares are awesome.

Gayle - Love Them!! Especially the one of Mac and Stac!! Way to get that sun 🙂

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