they like to build things

turbo and sunshine are super into building things right now. so much so that santa brought them hammers in their stockings, and they carry around a special little box full of nails. you know, in case the urge to build something hits like a bolt. it’s always best to be prepared.

there’s a good chance turbo will be an entrepreneur of sorts, at least some point in his life. he currently makes *coat hangers* {read: boards with nails in them}, and on Christmas Eve, he and sunshine set up shop in our driveway in the hopes of making some last minute Christmas cash.

they’ve also found it’s best to sell your products shirtless…apparently.

{kids at play work. let’s hope they make bank early…cheers to early retirement, ha!}

coat hangers, up close and personal.

they didn’t sell a single one {unless you count the one i bought, the one lover bought, and the 2 their aunts bought 🙂 } but they sure had fun building them and setting up shop!

turbo has decided he’s going to be a furniture builder when he grows up…which is very possible. he has a grandpa who is extremely talented in that area of expertise. last weekend, the boys talked lover into helping them build a bench for them to sit on when we have fires.

lover is so patient. he has 90 million things to do, but he took a full afternoon to build and paint a bench with the boys.  they are so blessed to have such an awesome daddy, and i hope these are memories they will look back on and smile.

and we can’t leave out sweet pea, very eager to help, and right in the middle of all the power tools.

after building and painting, i think they’re pretty happy with their little bench.

 anybody wanna buy a coat hanger? just $1 🙂