turbojet * 5 years

as unbelieving as i was a couple days ago posting that sweet pea turned 5 months old, i’m even more astonished by the fact that i’m now posting that turbojet turned 5 YEARS old yesterday. i’m probably repeating myself verbatim from last year when i say, i can’t. believe. it. he’s 5. i feel like time is kicking me in the arse as it whizzes by me pointing and laughing! it literally feels like yesterday when we found out we were expecting…

i’m not feeling super sappy today, so that’s enough with the musings on time and how we need to take life by the horns and live it our way before it’s all gone and blah, blah, blah because this post is about turbojet. about how he’s 5 now. and about how much we love him. to heaven and back…which is much, much farther than the moon, for anyone who’s counting 😉

turbojet : 5 years big

  • preschooler, 5 half days a week
  • energetic little bugger, ha!
  • has an undying love for cars & all things with wheels toys, real or otherwise
  • bmx bike rider
  • independent
  • the biggest, big brother
  • thoughtful
  • math doer
  • lover of mint, be it gum or ice cream
  • name writer
  • doesn’t like ketchup or pepperoni or blueberries {unless frozen}
  • swims like a fish
  • loves the color green
  • non-napper
  • book lover
  • climbs on anything and everything
  • inquisitive
  • LOVES montana {with no prompting from his homesick mama, promise!}
  • adored by his little brother
  • super social…he’s anyone’s insta-friend 🙂
  • so, so loved…

happy, happy birthday little man!

Amy - Happy Birthday Turbojet!! By the sounds of it…Drew has a TON in common with you and will have a blast playing with you soon!

PS…do you like to shake your booty? Drew loooooves to dance and is so super duper excited for Jane’s wedding dance!

Your Mama - Keynotes from Grama Sue, Turbojet is 5!
* gives the best hugs and kisses
* loves to snuggle in the early morning
* Papa’s chess buddy

I love you little buddy and can’t wait to see you soon! Happy happy happy birthday.

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