verbs & trying to wait

do you ever have a restless, ping-ing in your soul?

an energy that won’t go away.

that tingles within you, like it’s trying to tell you something.

like the wants of your soul are nearly ready to burst out of you in anyway possible,

to leap right out of your very chest.


while at the same time, wrapped in that same unnamable energy,

it’s telling you to wait.

wait on God to do big things.

to make the first move.

and so,

you wait.

wait until you hear what, and when, and how you’re supposed to use this balled up energy that starts in your gut and rises up into your heart.

and you can hardly stand the waiting.

and you pray for patience, but you want to do something big!

right now!


but the tingling.

it won’t stop.

it reverberates through your body day and night.

it’s restless.

you’re restless.

it keeps you up pondering.


it sings you awake in the morning with an untouchable, vibration.

it’s perpetual.

you’re ready to move,
but it’s not your turn,

so, you. keep. on. waiting.

you have to…..

… you ever feel this way? or am i the only one? and if i am, then i’m 100% certain i sound crazy ((hashtag : just call me crazy))

at any rate, i feel all of the above and more, in words that i can’t find to adequately describe this edgy, adrenaline-y feeling that i just can’t shake. don’t want to shake. and so i wait. and while i do, i try to find peace in the waiting. and dream of doing big things. for His glory.

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