where we’ve been

one of the benefits of schooling your own kids is that you can go anywhere, whenever you like, and bring school with you. so, that’s what we did. for the month of january (or at least a good chunk of it), we “did school” in montana. translation : we snowboarded, skiied, played with friends, hung out with grandparents and great grandparents, and squished in the 3R’s whenever we had the chance.

it was awesome. hard? yes, of course. all good things come along with the tag, “this might be hard.” and it usually is. but awesome trumps hard any day of the week.

so we had a blast in montana. the kids learned to ski and snowboard, and i, in turn, marveled at youth. bright eyed, they leapt at the challenge to try something new. and not only something new, but something a bit daunting (in my opinion, though i do ski myself). when do we lose this sense of excitement when the opportunity to try something new presents itself? when do we get so…dare i say, scared?

as usual…i digress.

here’s some bits of our trip. if you follow me on instagram, sorry. you’ve probably already seen these, but if not, enjoy! (and you should come follow along. hehe.)

while we miss the mountains, and friends and family that inhabit them, we’re all looking forward to getting back into a bit of a routine (yes. even me. the un-routine one…)


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