WPPI * vegas baby

today, thoughts of packing are rolling around in my head. and the adrenaline that comes along with the preparation for any good road trip pumps through my veins with things to check off my quickly expanding to-do list…and all before we hit the road on friday. how many loads of laundry need to hit the wash? do i have snacks for the boys or do i need to make a run to the store? what to pack? what to wear? all that matters is that i have my camera, my notebooks, and my smile because come friday *vegas baby* for the biggest photographer’s conference in the U. S. of A….can i get a monster WOOT-WOOT!!

i am BEYOND excited/nervous/thrilled/scared to head off to this conference. it’s an entire weeks worth of photographic educational goodness. two of my favorite words mashed into one sentence : photography + education (yes, i’m one of those self-admitted persons who LOVES TO LEARN. dork? yes, also self-admitted) so for one week, i get to soak up the knowledge of some of the top photographers in the world; i get to meet photographer peers & mentors; and to check out all the hot new photography products & gear. SO. FLIPPIN’. EXCITED.

i can’t WAIT to share everything¬†i’ve learned with you…i’ve been working on my spongey-ness in order to maximize the soaking-upage of all the new awesome information i’m going to get tossed my way (more hard evidence of my dorkiness, as if you needed it! just. really. excited. REALLY.)

and thanks to the fact that auntie jill also lives in vegas, my boys get to come with me…yay! no bouts of missing my babies…just lover ūüôĀ my schedule is PACKED, so i won’t be around much during the week so i think it would be wise if we all said a little prayer that jill (though i know how much she loves them!) survives the rambunctious-ness that encompasses my boys! ūüôā

and because it feels wrong to blog without any images, i was just curious if anyone else’s backyard looks this bomb-went-off-ish?

or if anyone else’s 4-year-old is this camera resistant?

or loves cars so flippin’ much that he BEGS to give them a ‘carwash?’ (daddy’s influence…)

or if you have ever, EVER in your life seen anything this stinkin’ cute?

and one final last random thought (because that’s what i’m best at…) going to start documenting the cravings of ‘thing 3.’ not that anyone should be or will be exceedingly interested, but i thought it would be fun to be able to look back on once he/she arrives…

today…i would KILL for in-and-out burger and have already bribed lover into a 20 minute escapade across town to indulge the little bundle and it’s mama :0)

Kelley - oh I am so jealous! I will have to check back to hear about WPPI and all the fun.

patti - Maybe I should of sent In & Out burger coupons for valentines day for you all…. Boy does that sound yummy!! I am sure it didn’t take much arm pulling to get chad there. Have a great time in Vegas,, I wish so much it would of worked out for me to come down and see everyone. Have a great time at the conference.

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