your family session * what to wear

we had our yearly family session the other day, and each time we have our pictures taken, i’m reminded of what it’s like to be on the OTHER side of the camera. trying to figure out the best time {will the kiddos be too tired/hungry/etc.}, what day will work with our schedules, and for some the most daunting of all, what to wear.

i have a strategy i use when i pick out our clothes for pictures, so that we coordinate but aren’t too match-matchy. a strategy that takes away a lot of the stress that can come with picking clothes. a strategy i’ll share to hopefully lighten your load when you’re preparing for your own family session!

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for you visual learners {and for easy pinning *wink-wink*}, here’s a little diagram illustrating the method to my madness!

we are a family of 5, so these tips are geared around that, but they can easily be modified to fit any family! let’s get a little more detailed :

  • first * select one strong, *bold* pattern. this is what everyone else’s clothes will center around.
  • second * select a graphic tee. one with a different color to add to the mix and hints of one or more of the colors from the *bold* pattern.
  • third * select a simple pattern. the pattern should pull a color from the *bold* pattern and from the graphic. {ex. a striped/plaid shirt or plaid shorts}
  • fourth * select a solid. usually this one is more of a neutral {lots of times this ends up being the dad’s shirt…they are more than happy to leave the fun colors to the kids!}
  • fifth * pull it together. in our case, this was my outfit. {ex. i pulled the tank color from sweet pea’s outfit, the shorts and necklace from turbos/sunshine’s and the shoes from lover}

and wa-la! a colorful and fun {yet coordinated} wardrobe ready to rock the session!

things to avoid when selecting your session wardrobe :

  • DON’T all wear the same color {ex. white. SO outdated. and do you ever, EVER go out in public dressed the same?! NO! your family pictures should reflect your FAMILY and each personality within it!}
  • DON’T wear well known characters {ex. lightening mcqueen, tinker bell, elmo etc.} these graphics tend to dominate the photos NOT enhance them. but lightening mcqueen is your sons FAV.O.RITE. you say? easy fix…have him bring his favorite lightening mcqueen car to the session. less distracting and more true to his personality at the time your photos are taken
  • DON’T use more than one strong, bold pattern. it will be too overwhelming/distracting, taking away from the focal point of the pictures…YOU!

and there you go! hope my strategy helps relieve a teeny-tiny bit of your pre-session stress, so that come session time, you are relaxed, confident and ready to roll!


Stacey - Or…you can just have the photographer come to the house and go through your closets to pick what everyone in the photo will be wearing!! lol….oh wait…that was just us! (since I have no concept of fashion!) Love the look and sweet pea’s dots!

Lanae Brown - Love this post! I always struggle with this, so thank you! When I first saw these pictures of your beautiful family, I noticed that your clothing choices were perfect; adorable fun and cute, but not annoyingly matchy.

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