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however you flourish

i stare vacantly at my glowing computer screen scrolling through pages and pages of children’s books on amazon.see it all! »

right where we’re supposed to be

the so-called stage was set. the calendar was hung. the whiteboard up. the books spread strategically across the tablesee it all! »

funny, true & dead on

this made me laugh. and then it made me sad. because it’s true. if your kid seems “behind,” if thesee it all! »

how we school

we’ve added some new curriculum to our day this year. i’m told this isn’t uncommon for new-ishsee it all! »

the 1st day

we started school last week. wednesday to be exact. i had painted a pretty picture in my head of how our first day ofsee it all! »

the secret mission

back to school. here in AZ, school started 3 weeks ago, so it’s kind of bizarre to see all the back to schoolsee it all! »