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insta*montha*grams {october}

so many, many favorites from this month…let’s just say it was well documented! i can literally feel my heartsee it all! »

insta*montha*grams {august}

this months insta*montha*gram favs…bet you can’t tell who stole this month’s show :0) august insta*see it all! »

lifestyle photography

insta*montha*grams {july}

well, i failed miserabley posting my insta*montha*grams for the month of june…but wa-la!  the month of july!  see it all! »


insta*montha*grams {may}

you might remember when i professed my undying love for instagrams at the beginning of the month…if not, go heresee it all! »

i *heart* instagram

instagram is the new black. really. please tell me you’ve all heard of instagram? if you haven’t, considersee it all! »

the joy of luck * photography project *

once i start a project, i need to finish it, right? well, here are days 3, 4, & 5 of the joy of luck photographysee it all! »