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i thought ahead & there’s a giveaway!

* long post alert. but there’s a giveaway at the end, so bear with me. plus, the message? super important…sosee it all! »

new template launch & a giveaway!

this template has been brewing for quite some time now. two years it’s been steeping. two. years. as i get oldersee it all! »

life gets messy & a giveaway

sometimes life gets messy. things don’t go as you expected. they can go from bad to worse. messy days can make yousee it all! »

blog to me baby

i’ve been sitting here staring at my screen for i’d say ohhhhh, about 20 minutes now. hopping from thissee it all! »

life as you live it, life as you blog it

insert foot in mouth

i took the circus to the children’s museum today. i, and apparently every other family in phoenix, thought itsee it all! »

life as you live it, life as you blog it

i need your help & a big giveaway!

friends, i NEED your help. i had many requests from readers asking if i would create an *adoption* version of my *on thesee it all! »

what's in my bag, entertaining kids, out and about with kids

entertaining my circus & a giveaway!

i have a tendency of keeping random things in my bag to entertain my circus when we’re out and about. this issee it all! »

a lazy dreamer, a download & a giveaway!

this post could have 6+ titles : catching up, i’m a dreamer not a doer, free menu download, blurb giveaway, bettersee it all! »