2 things + 5 things = 8 things

2 things gratitudinal (new word y’all) :

i want to thank you all for your kind words that flew in from my last post. for your sweet sentiments. your prayers. your thoughts. all wonderfully appreciated! i feel blessed to have such a caring online community…thank you guys so much!

and then, just because it’s been bugging me, i wanted to say that i hope when you read my post that it didn’t sound like i was painting myself as a hero. so many of you in your sweet ways, commented that i was amazing, and awesome. and while i’m flattered {you’re all so darn sweet!}, i  feel that for the most part, that’s how any one, any mama/daddy with a burning love in their heart for their children, would have reacted in the moment, shrugging off the excess and doing what was needed to be done right then and there. am i amazing? nope. just a mama in love with her babies and always wanting the best for them even in stressful situations, just as i know you do for your own precious brood.

*  *  *  *  *

5 things random about me (because sometimes it’s fun to learn weird things about people) :

  • i can’t burp. i can’t make myself burp, and if i naturally need to, it comes out as sort of an *urp-ing*hiccoping* sound. serious.
  • i have a black belt in tae kwon do, and was training for the 2000 olympics when i got mono.
  • i set random, useless goals (if you can even call them that) for myself. for example : it’s my personal mission to never watch star wars. why? i have no idea. weird. i know.
  • i played the violin for 10 years growing up.
  • i don’t like donuts, ketchup, bananas, or meatloaf. i love biscuits and gravy, kim chee, jerky, and smoked salmon.

and there you have it. 2 things + 5 things = 7.

7’s my favorite number, so there’s one more random for you. so today? 2+5=8.

life as you live it, life as you blog it

would love to throw off our equation even more if you’d like to share some weird things about yourself in the comments…quirky things make me happy 🙂

oh! and be sure to pop in monday for an awesome giveaway, and have an awesome weekend! we’re kickin’ off our spring break here in AZ. our list of things the boys wants to do is growing by the minute! should be fun!

cheers *

Claudia Flaherty - Boo for having fast fingers. I posted my comment before I was done typing. :p

So as I was saying…I am definitely glad we became friends. Black belts are totally awesome!

Some fun facts about me:
I’ve been skydiving twice.
I have 3 tattoos.
I believe in ghosts and the paranormal to the point of having a slight obsession.
My very first concert was Paula Abdul.
I watch way too much television.
I’ve never broken a bone (knocking on wood as we speak).
I’m superstitious.
I love Thai food.
Not a fan of avocados, but I love guacamole. Weird I know!

Yay!!! This was a fun game! 🙂

Claudia Flaherty - Okay wait…you don’t like donuts?? Didn’t you just rave to me about how delicious the ones you made for dinner one night were? Was I dreaming that you LOVED them or did that convo not really take place? I’m soooooo confused! Lol!

Next topic, so you have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and were training for the Olympics? Say what? Okay, I am definitely glad that we are friends n

Sara Perry - I’ve never seen Star Wars either and now refuse to see it because I’ve gotten sick of people telling me that I’m missing out on life because I haven’t seen it. Lol. I’m also a big fan of biscuits and gravy, really gravy on anything. My husband says that all other food is just a vessel for me to get gravy and ranch dressing into my body. Love reading your blog and glad your little one is ok, how scary!

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