on the day i was born

Setup to be EXTREMELY user friendly, this template makes it a snap to whip together your very own On the day I Was Born* book for your babies!

The template is compatible with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (versions 7 and higher).  Don’t have Photoshop? Click here to download a FREE 30 day trial.

*  11 spreads
*  unique 7×7 format
*  kid friendly verbiage that makes the story both fun and relate-able for your child

Your download includes: a “Template Info” PDF, JPEG previews of my original design & the template Photoshop files.

Please read the “Template Info PDF” before you begin using your template. It answers many of the questions you may have.

When you are ready to print, I recommend Blurb.  If you click on the Blurb icon on the left sidebar, it will give you a discount code! Yeah, baby.


DYING to get your hands on this book for your babes, but don’t have Photoshop?  Or time?  Or energy?  I got you covered!

If you choose to go the hands-free route, your only roll is to email me your pictures, the birth info of your child, and whether you’d like your pictures color or black and white.  Once I receive your information, I’ll edit your images (if necessary), put together your pages, and email them back to you in 4-5 business days.

At this point, you are free to print your book wherever makes your heart happy (I recommend Blurb.  Click the Blurb icon on the left sidebar for a discount code)!


stacey - If you purchase the template, you can use it as many times as you like. The only thing I ask is that you use it for your children only and don’t share the template with friends (this is how I help support my family, so I appreciate it!) Blurb can be anywhere from $20-$35 depending on what sale or discount you get. You can alter the color of the spin in Blurb to match the color of the cover no problem! Hope this helps!

stacey - You can simply omit the “big brother” page, or replace the text with something like, “I am so loved!”

stacey - Yes, you can manipulate the color of the cover (and pages as well) in Photoshop.

stacey - Yes! Please email me directly if you have any questions (lifeasyouliveit @ live.com), but yes, the template is still available!

Mariya - Hi, does it still work? I wanted to buy template, but haven’t seen any answers on comments.. and have some doubts.

Lauren - Similar question to others but haven’t seen an answer on it- can the text on the pages be changed?!


Kaylove - are you able to change the color of the front and back cover.

Amy - Hey there! I am looking to purchase the template, but I don’t want the “and now you will be a big brother” portion of the book. Is that possible?? Let me know! This is super adorable 🙂

Katie - Hi! If I purchase this, can I make more than one book? Also, about how much does it cost on Blurb to print? I read a few reviews and one I’m concerned about is the color of the cover and spine, someone said that wasn’t an option to choose. Is this something I can do on Blurbs website. I don’t want to puchase and then not be able to customize the front and back. Thank you!

stacey - if you purchase the hands free option, i send you a detailed list of the information and pictures i’ll need to put your book together for you! the book ends up being 22 pages. thanks for your interest!

Drina - I would like to get one of these made for my son. I am a bit away from needing it, but my question is similar to another. Do you gift a list of photos or questions to get the info needs to personalize this? Also, how many pages is it? Thanks.

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