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on the day i was born

book template details

setup to be EXTREMELY user friendly, this template makes it a snap to whip together your very own *on the day i was born* book for your babies!

the template is compatible with photoshop and photoshop elements {versions 7 and higher}. don’t have photoshop? click here to download a FREE 30 day trial.

*  11 spreads
*  unique 7×7 format
*  kid friendly verbiage that makes the story both fun and relate-able for your child

your download includes: a *template info* PDF, JPEG previews of my original design & the template photoshop files

please read the *template info PDF* before you begin using your template. it answers many of the questions you may have.

when you are ready to print, i recommend blurb. if you click on the blurb icon in the left sidebar, it’ll give you a discount code! yeah, baby.


hands free details

DYING to get your hands on this book for your babes, but don’t have photoshop? or time? or energy? i gotcha covered!

if you choose to go the custom route your only roll is to email me your pictures, the birth info of your child and whether you’d like your pictures color or black and white. once i receive your information, i’ll edit your images {if necessary}, put together your pages, and email them back to you in 4-5 business days.

at this point, you are free to print your book wherever makes your heart happy {i recommend blurb. click the blurb icon on the left sidebar for a discount code}!


Mariya - Hi, does it still work? I wanted to buy template, but haven’t seen any answers on comments.. and have some doubts.

Lauren - Similar question to others but haven’t seen an answer on it- can the text on the pages be changed?!


Kimberly Miller - I am due April 12 and I would like to do this for my 3 kids ages 5, 3 and 2. I’ve created photo books before. How do I get from the photoshop template to “print”?

Ashley - Is this still available for purchase?

Kaylove - are you able to change the color of the front and back cover.

Kate Schartel Novak - I’d love to see a version of this for blended families. I am stepmother to two girls age ten and six (they will be 11 and 7 by the time their new sibling is born) and while I’ve been racking my brain about how to adapt this for them I just don’t see it working without extensive revision.

Becky - Hi Stacey!
LOVE this book! I am interested in having you put it together for me, if that’s what you do. I was wondering about the cost. What do you charge for making it, and then on the blurb website, what does it typically cost?

Is it possible to not have the big brother part? I was hoping to make this for my nephew who was born yesterday. He’s the first grandbaby of the family!

Appreciate it!

Victoria - could I pay you to make me one of these books? My husband was killed and my daughter will be 2 in January. It would mean a lot to me?

Amy - Hey there! I am looking to purchase the template, but I don’t want the “and now you will be a big brother” portion of the book. Is that possible?? Let me know! This is super adorable 🙂

Michelle Harman - Hello, I would like to do one of these for my 9 year old son. Can I change some of the page topics please and maybe add in a few extra pages to say what he has achieved in his nearly 10 years and how proud we are of him? How much is the custom route? Thanks Michelle

Amanda - Hey Stacey,

I purchased your beautiful On the day I was born book template for my son but am totally at a loss on how to get this to work! Help!!


Kari - I am a photoshop rookie, but if I try it myself and can’t do it, can I transition the $35 to the $125 “let the professional handle it option”? Thanks!!

Sheri Van Dorn - Can you change the pages. For instants, I am doing this for my grandson and there are not any pictures of my daughter pregnant, they aren’t having another baby. So are there other options or do you have to stay with the same format.

Stephanie - Hi- I would love to make one of these books for my son, but would like to change the ending about being a big brother (because I am not pregnant) and just make it about turning 1… Let me know what you think.

Katie - Hi! If I purchase this, can I make more than one book? Also, about how much does it cost on Blurb to print? I read a few reviews and one I’m concerned about is the color of the cover and spine, someone said that wasn’t an option to choose. Is this something I can do on Blurbs website. I don’t want to puchase and then not be able to customize the front and back. Thank you!

Jess - Hi there,
I have similar questions to those in the comment thread but can’t see them answered?
Can you edit the text and storyline? I’m from Australia and would like Mummy instead of Mommy and we are not expecting another child… Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks!

Alicia - Hi Stacey,
I purchased the on the day you were born template, downloaded the free photoshop trial, and fonts. I love the book and the idea of giving it to our little girl. I have never used photoshop before and I’m having a lot problems navigating through each page. Is there any way I could pay you the difference and have you design the book for me? I’m overwhelmed with trying to figure this out. I’m 2 months from my delivery date. Please let me know. Thanks so much!

jenn - Are you still allowing people to purchase? i would like to do this for my daughter!

Please advise.

Thank you

Nicole - can I work On this from different computers?
Can I edit text?
Can you add or delete pages?

Lucy - Can the text be changed on the template?

I am in the UK and would like mummy as opposed to mommy. Also, it was just me and my son before my partner joined us and we became three, and soon to be four.

Would love to make this for my son but really need the ability to change the wording


Emma Anthonisz - Hi there,
I have similar questions to those in the comment thread but can’t see them answered?
Can you edit the text and storyline?
Many thanks!

Tayla - I purchased the do it yourself package and I’m having a hard time. I can’t seem to figure out how to make my images fill in or over the grey spots you have in place.

Sarah - I’m wondering if I can edit the text as well as the number of photos/page or is the template unable to be edited?
Thanks so much

Lexie Horner - Stacey-

I am totally at a loss! I purchased the do-it-yourself version, and downloaded the creative cloud installer, but the only thing I get when I open the purchase is the template you gave us to use, the JPEG template that shows the finished piece, the font and the notes from you. I opened the Elements-PSD file and tried to manipulate it, but it is not letting me….can you tell me what I am doing wrong??? Thank you! I can’t even figure out where the image layer is? Also, I don’t have an images and text folder, just two folders called PSD and JPEG. Is there a way for me to pay the remainder to have you do this for me if I can’t…I’m due in a few weeks and things are crazy? Let me know! Thanks!

Kylie - It was just my son and I when he was born and my husband came into our lives 5 months later and has been his dad ever since. Is there anyway to edit the wording just a little bit to make it fit our story?

Courtney - If I purchase this now and use blurb as you recommend to print, do you know an approximate turn around time? I am due 9/12…

stacey - if you purchase the hands free option, i send you a detailed list of the information and pictures i’ll need to put your book together for you! the book ends up being 22 pages. thanks for your interest!

Drina - I would like to get one of these made for my son. I am a bit away from needing it, but my question is similar to another. Do you gift a list of photos or questions to get the info needs to personalize this? Also, how many pages is it? Thanks.

Kathy Koenig - I ordered the template for On The Day I Was Born PS and I have not received it. I paid the $35.00 and my receipt # is 3644-8311-0652-1820.

Jenn - Hi,

I have created the Blurb book using the template I purchased from you, however, there is no option to have a spine the color of the front and back images. Did you have a white spine, or how do I get the spine to match the orange?


sally - Hi there

I am looking to make a year book for my son but he is not becoming a big brother next year. If I purchase the template can I still make amendments to the text?

Thanks in advance.

Richelle - I’m not very familiar with photo shop. I have Photo shop CS6 which template should I download?

Ann Seidel - Would you be able to customize/adjust the text a bit for an adoption? tx

Callie - Hello, I have the photos all added to my template and ready to print but am having trouble with Blurb. Any step by step directions on how to best get this printed? I have NO idea what I am doing 🙁


alexandra knight - I would love to buy the $125 option and have you make it for a friend of mine’s daughter as a gift – I would like it to be a surprise but is there a “list” that you can give me of pictures and event images that you need to make it super special – I can give her that list and then hand the images over to you? Let me know if that is an option – thanks so much and It is a darling idea! Super creative! x alex

Nancy Romano - I’m trying to make my granddaughter a book but am having technical difficulty – actually, I’m sure the difficulty is me! I got the template for the book and the free 30 day trial of PS last night. I couldn’t figure out how to get the pictures on the page so decided to wait until this morning to try again. Now I can’t find the templates! My order # is 1080837. Please help me if you are able. I’m low tech in a high tech world! Thank you!

Reima - Hello,

So is the hard cover book included in the $35 options or just the template? Because I can see myself doing this and putting it together but, how do I print out the pages and put them in the book?

stacey - one template makes as many books as you like!

Laura - Same question as above – can the template be used to make more than one book or would I need to purchase a template for each of my children? Thanks

Amber Huizar - Hi,
I was wondering if I bought one template, am I able to make 2 separate books, or do I need to purchase 2 templates?


Kitty - Can this template be used for multiples or is it designed only for single births?

Kindi Wahlstrom - I LOVE this! I do have 1 question for you, can I make multiple books from 1 template or do I need a separate template for each child? Thanks!

marilyn - This is a great idea! If you create the entire book and then have it printed elsewhere, you

Niti - Hi,
I loveee this book and as much as I love creating memories on my own for my baby I don’t think I can replicate this or get anywhere closer! I have a blog too but was just wondering that if I request you to make the book (the $125 option) would I be able to make copies? If so, how much would it cost me?
I’d greatly appreciate a prompt reply as my boy turned one on Jan 30 and I still hvnt made his yr book 🙂

Thanks again,

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