yes! Jesus loves me!

book template details

setup to be EXTREMELY user friendly, this template makes it easy to whip together your very own                   *Yes, Jesus loves me!* book for the children in your life!

the template is compatible with photoshop and photoshop elements {versions 7 and higher}. don’t have photoshop? click here to download a 30 day trial.

  • 15 spreads
  • unique 7×7 format
  • presents the love of Jesus in a unique and personal way
  • kid friendly verbiage that makes the story both fun and relate-able for your child
  • don’t like the gray pages? change to any color you like!
  • did i mention it’s easy to use? because, it is! really.

your download includes: a *template info* PDF {READ THIS FIRST} & the template photoshop files.

please read the *template info PDF* {READ THIS FIRST} before you begin using your template. it answers many of the questions you may have.

when you are ready to print, i recommend blurb. if you click on the blurb icon in the left sidebar, it’ll give you a discount code! yeah, baby.


hands free details

DYING to get your hands on this book for your babes, but don’t have photoshop? or time? or energy? i gotcha covered!

if you choose to go the custom route your only roll is to email me your pictures, the info for your child and whether you’d like your pictures color or black and white. once i receive your information, i’ll edit your images {if necessary}, put together your pages, and email them back to you in 4-5 business days.

at this point, you are free to print your book wherever makes your heart happy {i recommend blurb. click the blurb icon on the left sidebar for a discount code}!


pinupcasino777 - ??????? ???????? ?????? ????? ??????????? ???????? ? ????????? ??????????? ??????? ?? ????????!

Sarah - Hi there! I’d like to purchase both book templates, but wondering if all of the text can be edited? If not, do you have an Australian version I could purchase… ie. With spelling Mummy instead of Mommy?

Renee - I LOVE the Jesus Loves me book. My LO is 6 mo old so I’m going to wait until she gets a little older. I don’t want all the pics to be infant pics! I will definitely create one! I can’t wait! It makes a great gift too!!!

Steffany - Looks amazing friend!!!! Every child would be blessed to have this! Hugs!

stacey - kelly, i’m so happy to hear that! i hope it is a blessing for you all! thank you for your support! xo * stac

Kelly - I am so excited to see this new template!!! My daughter reads on the day I was born book everyday. They are amazing and I am looking forward to adding this to hers and my sons collection. Thank you!

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